Welcome to my little gadget page, all the devices below are gadgets that I have personally purchased and was so impressed with I thought I would share them with you. Like many people I am on a bit of a tight budget so this will reflect on the gadgets I am reviewing. Please note that I am not affiliated with any of the company's below, I do however use an Amazon affiliate link. All the products below have been used for at least two months before I review them.

evga gt730 1gb

buy6. V192253028
EVGA NVIDIA GT 730 Graphics Card (5000MHz, 1GB, 64 Bit, GDDR5, HDMI, VGA, DVI-D, PCI-E)

I spent three evenings on the gaming forums asking what new graphics card would give me the best bang for my buck £60 max. This is the card that I ended up getting for just under my budget £57.49I use this for all my graphics work and have tried it out with a few new games. Although it will not run the very newest games at full detail it was good enough to be very playable. As for graphics/video work and general  use I have had no problems at all. I currently use all three outputs, DVI-D & VGA run my side by side 19” monitors and the HDMI duplicates the DVI-D which goes to my living room TV. There are a few versions of this card so be careful what you order if you do not use the link below. There is also a 2GB version for about the same price but I would stay away from it if you are going to be making videos or playing games, it has much slower memory.

Bluetooth Wireless Music Audio Receiver Handfree Stereo Car Kit for iPhone4 4S 5 Samsung SIII S3.jpg 50x50

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iKKEGOL® Wireless Stereo Audio Bluetooth V4.0 APTX Enabled Music Receiver Adapter
Handsfree Car AUXSpeaker for iPhone / Android / PC / MP3 / iPod

If you have not come across a Bluetooth receiver before here is a little description as to what the do. Basically they let you connect your Bluetooth device like a phone to any audio input like your home stereo, car stereo, surround sound, and television.
I have had a few Bluetooth receivers over the past few years and all of them have had their problems, bad signal range, poor battery life and poor build quality to name a few. I own two of these receivers, one I use in the house to connect to my surround sound and the other I have in my van connected directly to my car amp. I get a great sound on both when listening to music and in the my van it allows me to connect two phones up hands free with its built in mic. The device itself is very easy to use, has good range, battery life (rechargeable via micro usb) and connects to my phone without any problems. The iKKEGOL retails at about £12.99 and is far better than some of the more expensive brands that I have owned.

kingston ssd

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Kingston Technology 30gb - 480GB Solid State Drive 2.5-inch
V300 SATAVGA NVIDIA GT 730 Graphics Card (5000MHz, 1GB, 64 Bit, GDDR5, HDMI, VGA, DVI-D, PCI-E)
The first thing people usually do when their computer starts to slow down is to consider an upgrade. Although a new graphics card, more memory or a faster processor will help speed your system up there is a BIG bottleneck that people do not realise that will slow their machine down. Most computers over 3 years old will have mechanical hard drives (storage space), by upgrading to an SSD dive (solid state drive) you will give your pc a new lease of life. I have benched marked all the computers that I have upgraded to SSD and the speed difference especially on laptops is quite spectacular. I went with the Kingston brand because I have had very good experiences with their memory cards. Currently I have four Kingston SSD drives, 60gb in a usb portable box, 120gb in my main pc as c: drive, 240gb used for video and photo editing and a 480gb for backups. So if your pc is slowing down, uses intensive programs like Photoshop, play the latest games or just want a more reliable backup drive then an SSD drive is a sensible choice.