Below are a few of the many services that we offer, we try to keep prices as straightforward as possible so most services are charged at an hourly rate of £15.00. Discounts are available to charities, non-profit and O.A.P’s.

Special offer! for this month, a £5.00 discount when you purchase two services on the same callout.


(Cost £15.00)

A regularly used computer will inevitably start to slow down after a years worth of use. This can be brought about by a lack of storage space / memory, unwanted start-up programs, malware, toolbars, browser hijacks and bad registry entries. On average I can normally increase a machines speed by about 20% without adding any new hardware!.


(Cost £30.00)

From time to time a pc will need a complete re-install because of a damaged operating system, upgrade or you wish to try out a completely new operating system. For new machines this is normally a stress free procedure but for older machines you may run into problems locating suitable device drivers. A new install is also a good time to re-organise your documents and maybe think about adding a larger/faster hard drive to your system.


(Cost £15.00)
Should you be unlucky enough to download a virus, malware, malicious toolbar or your browser has been hijacked please do not ignore it and hope that it will go away. More often than not once your pc is infected things will only get worse and the sooner you act the better. Please do not pay website pages that are blocking your internet browsing or are theatening you with legal action as this is a well known scam, if in doubt please call PcGeek as soon as possible.


(Cost £15.00)
Your computer should be cleaned at minimum every six months, great care must be taken so a simple vacuum cleaning can do more harm than good. A dusty computer can suck in moisture from the air and damage components and overheat the system by blocking up heat sinks and fans.


(Cost £15.00)
If you are thinking about upgrading your system but not sure what to buy, I will guide you through the maze of finding the right device or software package at a price that suits your budget and install it for you. You may even find what you are looking for in our gadget reviews page. PcGeek keeps a small stock of common computer parts so please give us a call.

kingston ssd

(Cost From £15.00)
Having a problem with your storage space, need to split a large drive into more manageable partitions, move all your system files or documents to a new drive, clone a complete drive for backup, lost/deleted files by mistake or need to erase a drive for resale....
Please note that some of these services can take a long time to complete so may need to be done overnight.


(Cost £15.00)
Is your routers wifi secured, internet speed not as expected, having trouble networking all your family's computers, need to increase your wifi range, security camera set-up or would like to share all your media....your very own home Netflix's type service! For any networking problems or advice please give us a call.


(Cost £15.00)
New to the world of computing, need to organise the family pc, worried about your children's online safety, Manage Windows, build your own website or would like to set up your very own family media centre similar to Netflix. We have given computer tuition to both young and old with great success. Why not give us a call today to discuss the type of tuition you require.


(Cost £15.00)
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